About the Therapy Center

After building a very successful private practice over the past 13 years in South Surrey, Dr. Ellie Bolgar had the opportunity in 2018 to purchase her office in Langley and she started Dr. Ellie Bolgar & Associates Counselling and Family Mediation. With her usual enthusiastic manner, she brought her practice to a whole new level by adding family mediation and divorce coaching to a variety of counselling services.

She brought together a comprehensive team of professionals who are highly trained and experienced in child and family therapy, as well as couples counselling. They also bring their own unique style and approach to the practice. The diversity of skills, expertise and collectively created nurturing environment brings a great benefit to every client who comes into the center.

There are comfortable therapy rooms where people can feel safe to explore their issues, a play therapy room professionally set up with therapeutic materials to provide the best environment for children to learn and overcome their challenges, and the latest version of Neurofeedback system in a relaxing room to set the best condition for brain training.

Dr. Ellie Bolgar is an attachment analyst who attempts to capture the uniqueness of each individual based on their early relational experiences. In essence, Dr. Bolgar utilizes an attachment focused psychology that is more than simply using techniques. Her focus is understanding early attachment patterns and how they impact people’s perceptions and behaviors. Integrating what is known from empirical research in attachment studies into her practice, Dr. Bolgar helps her clients to achieve what is called “earned secure attachment” which allows forming a profound connection to the self and enhances emotional responsiveness in relationships. Throughout the years, Dr. Bolgar’s upfront, challenging, no nonsense approach has impacted many lives along the way. She is part of the Positive Psychology and believes that people improve when the right circumstances are provided. Dr. Bolgar provides guidance and clinical support to her associates who also incorporate the attachment focused perspective into their treatment.

Our office is located in Langley, 3 minute drive South from Highway 1 & 200th Street. There are parking spots available with Dr. Bolgar’s name on and additional visitor parking in front of the building. Should you arrive at our office at outside of office hours you have to buzz 1110 to enter. We are located on the top floor of the building and in our comfortable waiting room you can serve yourself with cold water or hot tea while you are waiting for your counsellor


Dr. Ellie Bolgar


306 – 8047 199 Street
Langley, BC  V2Y 0E2


Hours of Operation

Mon to Thur: 8am to 7pm
Fri: 8am to 5pm

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