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Family Law Matters

“Decisions about parenthood are decisions about the unquantifiable, unmeasurable things of the heart.”
(Leslie Ellen Shear)

Dr. Bolgar has trained in Collaborative Divorce, The Family Law Act for non-lawyers, Family Mediation, Arbitration, Parental Coordination and Child Interviewing. She has extensive experience interviewing children and assessing their social/emotional needs. Dr. Bolgar is an expert to provide The Views of the Child Report and s. 211 Report. She has a gentle, compassionate approach interviewing children and parents.

S.211 Full Report:

When a parenting agreement cannot be reached, the court may seek the opinion of a trained professional who is qualified to perform child evaluations. A s. 211 Family Law Act Report is the product of gathering and evaluating information regarding the children’s needs and the parents’ capacity to meet those needs. Recommendations are made to help the court determine the children’s best interests and are helpful for parents to reach out-of-court settlements. The goal of the s.211 full report is to assess the family and provide the courts, the parents, and lawyers with objective information and recommendations.

s.211 Views of the Child Report

Child inclusive processes are in the forefront of current research and practice. The BC Family Law Act states that “children’s views must be considered, unless it is inappropriate to do so”. The Views of the Child Report provide the opportunity for the child to express and share their experiences and thoughts about their family situation. Like the more comprehensive Full s.211 report, the child’s information may assist the judge or parents, in resolving the issues before the court. However, unlike the full report, recommendations are not given.

Reunification and Co-Parenting Therapy

Having nearly twenty years experience working in Child Protection and Child and Youth Mental Health Services where she provided assessments and reports for court and clinical supervision for counsellors, Dr. Bolgar’s interest grew towards working with parents whose attachment relationship with their children has fractured or deteriorated. Her area of research is parental alienation and estrangement from the attachment perspective and the long term impact on children’s emotional development, and contribution to personality disorders.

When a family breaks apart all members hurt and perceive the experience through their own unique ways. The opportunity to grieve, heal and repair is essential for children to develop healthy relationships in the future. Reunification and Co-Parenting Therapy is used through the lens of attachment and helps families to develop an acceptable relationship while focusing on the best interest of the children.


Using a collaborative approach Dr. Bolgar is assisting families in the process of uncoupling with the least conflict and creating a healthy co-parenting relationship for their children. Unlike the traditional methods of dealing with conflict or marital separation, mediation is less expensive than litigation or other approach to dispute resolution. Mediation also provides an opportunity communicated needs, maintaining a respectful, reasonable relationship and reaching an agreement that is acceptable for both parties.



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