Dr. Ellie Bolgar Psy.D. R.C.C.

Counselling / Psychotherapy / Mediation Services

“The relationship you establish with your therapist is the most important predictor for change. The trust you develop allows you to be vulnerable, to explore your deepest feelings…”

~Dr. Ellie Bolgar

Family & Couples Therapy

Dr. Bolgar considers herself an Attachment Analyst who attempts to capture the uniqueness of each individual based on their early relational experiences.

Child Therapy

Clarity, making sense of one’s emotions, perceptions and behavioral reaction results better choices, and behavioral response.

Family Mediation / Divorce Coaching

Dr. Bolgar has extensive experience working with high conflict families and understands the challenge they often face.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.”  (Anais Nin)

Dr. Bolgar Psy.D. M.A. RCC has been practicing psychotherapy since 1998. She is a professor at Adler University teaching Family Therapy, Couples Counselling and Ethics to Masters students. She has a Doctor of Psychology degree from Southern California University and a Master’s of Counselling degree from Adler University Chicago.

Dr. Bolgar provides Family, Individual, Marital and Relationship Therapy as well as Mediation Services.



Dr. Ellie Bolgar


306 – 8047 199 Street
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