Views of the Child Report

  • Please complete this form to apply for a Views of the Child Report.

    You will be notified after your submission has been received. After receiving your application the following process will take place:

    You will receive a formal quote for preparing a Report. Professional Services Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement will be sent for your review. The estimated timeline will be provided for conducting the interview. Please note that firm submission dates can’t be provided as the process of interviewing depends on many factors.

    Prior to service commencing, a retainer will be paid by the client directly or through a legal trust account, in full.

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  • At least one party must have legal representation in order to secure service. If neither party has legal representation the intake process will not occur.
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  • Please note that each party will have the same number of collateral interviews. Collaterals could be individuals who do not reside in the home with the child(ren), friends, family, doctors, teachers, who have knowledge of your relationship history concerning the child(ren) and your ex-spouse.
  • Please have all documents readily available (i.e. court order(s) for preparation of the Section 211 Report, court order(s) for parenting access/arrangements, letter(s) of instruction from legal counsel, judgements, affidavits, applications, agreements, Ministry of Children and Family Development file(s), RCMP file(s), etc..
  • Please explain in this section what major issues have led to this report being completed, providing as much detail as possible (i.e. relocation of parent/guardian to another city, dispute over custody and access, etc..)